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That’s because even at that rate, we’ll pass the major tipping point of 425-450 ppmv (parts per million by volume) of carbon in the atmosphere. Once we cross that battle line we begin the processes that will lock us into irreversible global warming. There is no way to sustain human life as the temperatures associated with irreversible global warming continue to rise.

At Job One for Humanity, we’ve compiled hundreds of equally startling facts about global warming that most people don’t know. And why don’t most people know them?

Because everyone is afraid of scaring the public into panic, or paralysis! Everywhere we turn for climate data today -- even science and the UN commission -- we encounter underestimation, errors, even intentional deceit.


As I have been telling everyone

for the past 30+ years . . .

we have VERY little time left

to do what we must, 

or tell the kids that, 

due our needs for

‘more of whatever’ 


abandoned their future.


If we want Humanity 

to have time sufficient

to understand the technology

to travel to distant star systems:

We need to survive

long enough

to build what we


To survive:

We must


Will you take part

in the effort to spread the message?

Or, as so many others,

ignore reality and continue 

to add more crap and pollution 

and related emissions

to our now 

“At Risk”



With respect to trying to get the message out: A College professor in California has reported that threats were made against her for describing Trump’s election as “An Act Of Terrorism against America”. The following is my response as posted to “The Washington Post at:

"Interesting. And it will get worse. AS THE REALITY OF WHAT AMERICA HAS DONE TO ITSELF starts to seep into the minds of those who simply didn't have the equipment to actually understand what Trump represents, the battles will begin.  On street corners, shopping malls and just about everywhere that people congregate; the accusations and fights shall follow. The good news: After a lot of killing and dying . . . some sense of proportionate response will establish itself . . . leading to an effort to think about what happened. And that is when, hopefully, America and its people will lead the way to STORING ALL PERSONAL VEHICLES in a last ditch effort to save a world that MIGHT, THEN, BE too far past "The Tipping Point"  to bring about a reversal of what we set underway with our non-stop pollution of our SSAN biosphere. (SSAN = Sole, Singular And Necessary.) 

ERGO!  That is "why" I developed

and related. As for the threats and related crap from an ominous multitude of fools: That comes with the territory. 

To all 'activists': Stay alert and be prepared to make sure that whoever tries to harm you in any way is made to pay. 

And pay beyond their ability to understand that the payback will be a constant life-altering millstone that will have them question 'why' they failed to use their minds and develop an ability to reason and thereby help the world avoid . . . }

Warning To All! 

Keep an eye on Trump!


“My America!


Remember America!

Its “My Way” or Else!

Screw “Lady America!

I already Gropped her!

For Free!


The “BeHeading

is PayBack due her failure to say

“Thank You Mr. President!

She should have known that its

”My Way!”

or else!

Mommas! Poppas!

Tell Your Teens!

Store All Cars

Or Lose Your Dreams!

Mommas! Poppas!

Tell No lies!

If the Heat Keeps Rising:

We all die!

A response to a post on “ 

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an hour: "True. We no longer have time to depend on others. We must now, as one: Organize! Everyone has 30 days to prepare their abandonment of "Our Prized Mobility". After that 30 Day period: Any "Personal Vehicle" found may be halted by whatever force, with or without warning.

That was uttered as a response to a question as to how dedicated individuals can actually start “The Movement” to store all personal vehicles.

To all who might have concerns about such language

It matters not what many might think. 

When those with intellect and integrity sufficient to do so, start doing what must take place in order to save our Planet:

Those who are driven by mere greed should simply surrender to their instructions and accept that such is a necessary action if we are to retain any self-respect when our grandchildren ask us what we did to try to keep the temperatures down. (Hopefully!) 

The expression “Hopefully!” is stated while possessed by a belief that we have, already, abandoned “Hope”, and understand what we face as a species . . . as our Children act on their focused anger at the madness that brought “Them” to that point.

Such aside:

When Do We

Tell The Children?

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To a safer, saner

and more caring world.

To Duty.

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder

"The Tax Refusal"

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2016